In 2002 a volcanic eruption in Goma, DRCongo, destroyed the city affecting over 300,000 people. Many of whom were living in vulnerable situations.​

Struggling for employment a small group of women launched the KISANY project to provide a livelihood to the women in Goma who had lost more than their homes. The first Atelier was born (AGAPE).


Quickly, with demand the team expanded, both in number of embroiderers joining the project as in number of volunteers aiding from Europe, all guided by the founders Isabelle Degryse and Manuela del Marmol. Over the past 20 years, KISANY has grown to weave beauty, honesty and distinction into exceptional home linen collections that are timeless.

Today, KISANY is a social enterprise that partners with Belgian NGO En Avant Les Enfants (EALE), to provide high-end crafts training, employment, educational programmes and micro-finance support empowering over 120 women in our 2 partner ateliers in DR Congo (Goma) and Rwanda (Kigali).