Frequently Asked Questions

At KISANY we accept bank transfers, credit card payments and Paypal payments for purchase of items.

There are multiple ways to create an order:

  1. Through an online purchase for a Collection or Personalised item
  2. En nous envoyant un e-mail à, vous recevez alors une confirmation de commande et votre facture en réponse à cet e-mail.
  3. At a sale event at our store or a sale event where we confirm the order with an invoice copy

An order can be cancelled with 0 cost until production has been launched.

Once production has begun in one of our ateliers we will confirm the cancellation with a fee to cover costs incurred.

No, this is not necessary to have a client account.


For online orders you will receive a an update either with information when items are en route or updated delivery timelines.

For orders made via email or in person we will confirm delivery timelines with an invoice copy.