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Laptop bag – Kuba Collection


Handmade with dignity by artisans in DR Congo.

Hand-embroidered with a pattern inspired by the patchwork and appliqué techniques of Kuba textiles from the Congo, we celebrate KISANY’s long-standing partnership with the Goma-based atelier AGAPE through this special collection.

  • Design: a decorative pattern is dedicated to old textile techniques.
  • Practical: versatile, it is sized to fit most laptops and can be used as a briefcase.
  • Durable: designed to last, the linen improves with each wash and lasts a long time.

Measures: 27cm x 36cm

Care instructions

A laptop case inspired by social purpose. Use it to keep your laptop and documents safe.

    • Meaningfully designed with an ancient textile technique to celebrate our partnership with our partner artisans in AGAPE, Goma, DR Congo.
    • Durable and compact, this case is made from 100% Belgian Libeco natural making it machine washable and long-lasting.
    • Practically designed, each case is sized to fit a variety of laptops and documents.

    Learn more about the manufacturing atelier AGAPE in Goma, DR Congo.

  • Keep in mind that with artisan handmade items, slight variations are to be expected. This is what makes each pieces one of a kind.

    Order your laptop bag today! A timeless and practical product that gives dignified work to our artisans. If you are looking for a variation of this item that you do not see on our site, not a problem! Contact us on info@kisany.com to see how we can customize. for you. Or check out our lookbook for some of the work we’ve done in the past.


Coffee Black, Natural, Multicoloured

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