24,478 days of work provided to 125 artisans

Kitchen linens

KISANY’s hand embroidered collection of  kitchen linens are durable, stylish and functional.

Equally beautiful, useful and ethical, KISANY’s kitchen linens are hand-embroidered and finished by artisans in DR Congo or Rwanda.  KISANY’s kitchen linens are made with 100% Belgian linen to look good, work hard and last.  Enjoy our kitchen linens yourself when working in the kitchen or they make the perfect gift for your favourite chef or hostess.

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About our kitchen linens

For more than fifteen years, KISANY has made stylish, durable kitchen linens.  Each item is hand-embroidered and finished by artisans in our partner ateliers in Goma or Kigali. All our linens are made using 100% Belgian linen. Linen is known to be strong, breathable and naturally gentle, and Belgian linen is specifically renown for durability and unsurpassed quality.  KISANY products are made using the landmark Belgian linen brand Libeco. Learn more about the linen we use here.

Discover KISANY’s seasonal collection of kitchen towels, aprons and kitchen gloves.

Kitchen towels

KISANY understands that the kitchen is the centre of life in a home and we create products that will enhance and elevate life in the kitchen.  Our kitchen towels, made of the highest quality linen, are durable, absorbent, stain resistant and beautiful.  With time, they become more absorbent and softer, making them a treasured tool for any chef or sous-chef.


Hand-embroidered on 100% Belgian linen, our aprons are durable and stain resistant but most of all, they are lovely.  So lovely you will want to wear them to the table.  We make aprons in small, medium and large sizes.  Choose an apron from our current collections or contact our Bespoke Services team to design your own apron with your choice of linen, colour, monogramme and motif. 

Oven gloves and potholders

KISANY’s padded kitchen oven gloves and pot holders provide a beautiful solution, protecting your skin, work surfaces and table.  Each item is hand-embroidered on 100% Belgian linen by artisans in East Africa. A perfect present for yourself or your favourite host or hostess, these practical items are made all the more beautiful by the work they provide our partner ateliers in Goma and Kigali.

Kisany, a Social Enterprise

KISANY is committed to working toward a world in which dignified work and education are available to every individual. We establish skill and build opportunities for dignified work in poor communities of DR Congo and Rwanda.  In building a market, a supply and a demand, we aim to create long term solutions and help transform the lives of women and families in East Africa.

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