24,478 days of work provided to 125 artisans

Cotton Fabric Mask


Handmade with dignity by artisans in Belgium

100% cotton masks for frequent use. Made in Belgium, these masks are part of our solidarity action to support our ateliers in Africa. 50% of any profits made will be donated to our partner NGO En Avant Les Enfants.

  • Features: this model has an opening to insert a filter of your choice
  • Comfort: made from 100% Egyptian cotton fabric

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This special mask is handmade from soft blue anthracite cotton for breathability and durability.

  • It has been designed for comfort, and is fixed by elastics behind the ears. Please note that this model is not certified.
  • Durable and washable, it can be steam ironed after each short use. If you wear it frequently, we recommend that you wash it daily at 60 degrees.

Keep in mind that with artisan handmade items, slight variations are to be expected. This is what makes each pieces one of a kind.

Order your mask today and help support our solidarity action!





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