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Monthly Archives: June 2017


    In May our management team went to Goma and Kigali to perfect the next collections to come.

    In Goma, the team supported AGAPE’s embroiderers and tailors in the accomplishment of a large order for the Kivu International School. The school that will open its doors next September, trusted AGAPE to produce more than 2000 pieces such as uniforms and schoolbags. This was a great experience for the local non-profit organisation. Hopefully, they can count on Théodore’s expertise in this mission ; Théodore has been tailoring for KISANY since the beginning of the adventure. He is also a trainer at the Ecole de Femmes for all those who want to learn about sewing.

    Emma, one of the elder and most talented embroiderers decided to visit the team. By doing so she could share her experience with the novices. Amongst them, there was Aline. Aline’s husband, Djo, has been killed last February. This tragic event left Aline and their 2 young children without any ressources. This is why AGAPE’s embroiderers decided to host and train the young widow.

    In Kigali, the final touch was put on the patterns that will appear on the new collections of bed linen, table linen and cushions. The embroiderers also worked on samples for a future collaboration with renowned artists. More to come, stay tuned !

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